About Caribbean Charm Boutique

About US - XOXO!

Our lifestyle website was founded in 2006 dedicated to inspire you as a shopper to shine brightly in every purchase you make.

Founded by owners Lauren and Patti, as they took many trips to the Island of Tortola, they returned with true inspiration to bring as many Island Products back home to the USA.
The first products were Island made Mermaids, Shells, Sarongs and more.
As the website grew, the product selection grew based on customers requests, and the need to open a Brick & Mortar Boutique.

Picture is the first Boutique, located in the heart of Glastonbury, CT

The brick & mortar boutiques were formerly located along the charming shopping paths of down town Glastonbury, CT, closing in 2017
The lovely locations were in the Colonial House at Eric Town Square, in the Victorian Gingerbread House at the Historical District Main St and in the old Franklin Pharmacy building at the town center intersection.

Caribbean Charm Boutique captured the essence of the old Caribbean.

The life style on-line boutique carries personalized gifts, as well as jewelry, handbags, hats, baby and other accessories for the sophisticated lifestyle.

We also offer a wonderful assortment of unusual gifts and creative gifts for any occasion. We monogram and engrave your purchases to create a personalized gift. 

Our passion is to help you find and leave with a favorite treasure. And, inspire you to come back.

 Our motto is "Relax, Enjoy and Shop! "

Our Beautiful Leopard Maxi, such a great match to Brighton's Atlantis choker and Dahlia Shopper.
Our Beach Romper is a great match to Vera Bradley's new Northbrook Collection.

We offer on site engraving and monogramming. Julia learned to be a fabulous engraver, wearing an engraved heart necklace, and holding an engraved heart wine glass.


Don't you Love the Brighton Bracelet Catherine is wearing!

In September 2014 Caribbean Charm hosted a Breast Cancer Fundraiser event in Partnership with the Vera Bradley Foundation for Breast Cancer. Caribbean Charm was honored to have Joan Bradley Reedy, the daughter of Vera Bradley and sister of Barbara Bradley Backgaard, co-founder of the popular handbag and accessories brand, join in the event!

In February 2012 Caribbean Charm hosted a Breast Cancer Fundraiser event in Partnership with the Vera Bradley Foundation for Breast Cancer.
A Thank you to all the helpers that made our event a success. 
Pictured left to right - Stefanie, Carly, Alicia, Heidi, Kelly, Kelly,Lauren, Kelly and Heidi Floyd - the Vera Bradley Foundation Ambassador.

The name Caribbean Charm comes after many trips to the Island of Tortola. Surrounded by the Islands beauty and serenity, the clear blue ocean and
the reggae rhythm we were captivated by the charm. And, decided to bring it home.
Our doors are open to all - any questions send an e-mail to contact us.
In closing - always remember, above all else having fun is the treatment for good health!!! So relax and enjoy....
We traveled to Tortola to escape, after a long treatment battling the life threatening scary "C".
We wished upon a falling star and thank God everyday that we are here to live, to laugh, to love...and most of all to have fun!!